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We All Scream For Ice Cream

There is no better demonstration of optimism than the British love of Ice Cream.  Rain and freezing temperatures be dammed, we can always make room for a little of the cold stuff. As a child I remember pulling up to the ice cream van at Hay Tor in a thunderstorm. The young lad inside had foolishly thought that the inclement weather would provide ample opportunity for enjoying some bonus nap time. My dad after hammering on the window and dragging this poor chap out of his blissful slumber, purchased four 99s and returned triumphantly to the car where we  demolished them as enthusiastically as if we were in the Costa del Sol. Days out and meals were usually punctuated with ice cream, no matter the season and no matter the weather.

The project aims to celebrate this truly positive British trait, by bringing together the love and diversity of ice cream we all enjoy on this rather damp and blustery island.

Do you run an ice cream van? A dairy farm? A tourist shop? Perhaps like my dad, you simply dream of clotted cream on top of rum and raisin ice cream served in caramelised waffle cone. If you would like to feature in the project please get in touch. 

We All Scream For Ice Cream
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