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Creative Spaces

  • The project aims to celebrate the diversity and quality of creative talent in the Lancaster and Morecambe area.

  • Culminating in an online digital exhibition.

  • An opportunity to have a professional portrait of you and your workspace.

  • An opportunity to have some of your work photographed.

We live in a world full of distractions, meaning marketing ourselves as artists requires increasingly more creative and competitive strategies. Telling the story of our creative process adds value to our work, and the popularity of ‘how to’ videos on TikTok shows how effective this can be. This project goes a step further and reveals a window into the creative spaces that produce beautiful, original and interesting works of art. It also provides high-quality imagery of your work that can be used for competitive and creative marketing strategies.

Some creatives are imaginative Wombles, their spaces can be a treasure trove of collections, others need a space that is clean and ordered to still the mind and free it from clutter. All spaces are of interest to your customers.

The following is a breakdown and timeline of the various different aspects of the project:

The Portrait                                                               Completed by March ‘23

  • An image of you in your creative space. The image will include you in your natural habitat, surrounded by some of your work and other items that allude to other hobbies, interests and areas of your life.

  • It’s a great marketing tool, people like to buy from people they know. This is not a snapshot but a carefully curated window.

  • The image is not only yours for free but it’s really fun to put together.

Photographing Work                                                  Completed by April ‘23

  • 5 Pieces of work professionally photographed (also free)

  • These would be used in the virtual exhibition space

  • The images could then be used by you to sell the work online, re-create the work as a print or perhaps printed on a variety of objects or clothing.

  • I would like this to be an ongoing part of my photography business and am keen to share it’s value with the local art community.

Virtual Exhibition                                                        Completed by May’23

  • An online gallery in a virtual exhibition space

  • The space will be broken into cubicles

  • Each cubicle contains the portrait of the creative space surrounded by the works that have come from it.

  • Should it prove popular, this aspect has the potential to continue running as an online gallery. After selling the works, new images can be made and added to the gallery.

Join The Project

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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